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Full management solutions for eCommerce Brands looking for 3PLs in Hong Kong 🇭🇰

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eCommerce logistics & supply chain consulting firm based in Hong Kong.

Your Hong Kong based Logistics and Supply Chain Management Supervisor.

Facilitate your eCommerce operations in Hong Kong with our specialised logistics support. We can help you in identifying the most cost-effective 3PL partners tailored to your brand’s unique needs.

Our comprehensive management solutions cover everything from 3PL scouting to on-site warehouse evaluations.

We navigate the local landscape rigorously and ensure your logistics partner aligns with promised commitments. Our goal is to allow you to have a better control over your entire supply chain in Hong Kong. 


How we impact your eCommerce growth.

We know from our experience that scaling an eCommerce and making it profitable can be difficult, a small change in one variable can have a big impact on the results. Especially when it comes to shipping costs or improper inventory management. So, we’re here to make it easier. 

3PLs Scounting

After working with most of the 3PLs based in Hong Kong, we have enough data and insights to find the best solution to your needs. We will select, compare services and negotiate prices on your behalf.

Rates Negotiation

You don’t know if the price you are currently paying for the logistics is good enough or too much? We know the standards and strive to provide you with the best prices on the market without compromising quality.

On-site Warehouse Audits

We help you keeping your warehouse in check, reducing the risk of losses, inventory damages and delays in services. Got an issue with the warehouse? We can immediately go there and fix it. 

On-site Inventory Count

Ever heard of cycle count or end of the year inventory counts? We help you with that too. We will supervise the warehouse staff while they perform the count to make sure that the expected inventory is actually present. 

Parcel Delivery Test

Do you have issues with the way your orders are packed or shipped? We can help you testing the delivery and perform quality checks of the pick and pack process, provide feedback and an improvement plan. 

Order Management

Managing your daily orders can be a little headache but we have the right medicine! You can outsource your order management to us, we will make sure orders are fulfilled on time without issues.


Our simple & streamlined process

We custom-tailor every solution for each eCommerce brand based on current order amount, shipping countries, products types, expected future volumes etc.



Initial discovery call to understand your needs. Including target price, value added services and speed. 



Whether you are looking for a new 3PL or simply a way to improve your current operations, we work with the best vendors in Hong Kong to meet your requirements.


Launch & Manage

Last but not least: 3PLs Management. From onboarding to order management, warehouse checks and supervision, quality control, escalations and projects coordinations. 


Why choose LogisticsBase.

We are based in Hong Kong and can easily visit the warehouses, perform audits and help with projects. Also, as Hong Kong is a few metro stations away from Shenzhen, it would be easy for us to visit your factories if based in the South of China, especially Shenzhen area.

As mentioned above, we are based in Hong Kong and can perform any checks, including inventory and returns checks, relocation plan reviews and much more in your current or potential warehouse. 

Keeping a certain level of quality when you can’t see it yourself is probably one of the worst nightmares when it comes to inventory and restocks. We can help you perform quality checks for your products, returns, or simply assessing the quality of the warehouse performances in certain areas. 

We have many years of hands-on experience when it comes to fulfilment for e-commerce. We really saw it all. From parcels being stuck at customs with certain couriers, to warehouses performing the wrong pick and pack or services, to wrong billings, wrong duties and taxes charged, to lost inventory and lost parcels. We can help you improve the operations because we’ve been trough many hardships with our clients and notice that the pattern is pretty much the same when it comes to logistics issues, pricing and service levels. 

Our network of 3PLs and couriers allows us to help you get the best prices on the local market. We have been working with many 3PLs on behalf of our clients and consequently, have developed good relationships with them. 

Over the last few years, our staff had personal experience with many e-commerce brands, going hands-on through the hardships of scaling a brand profitably and efficiently. We use replicable strategies and solutions that can help any brand reach the same scale from a logistics and business perspective without additional drama. 


Some of our experience in this industry.

We have experience in managing logistics and supply chain for 8 & 9 figures eCommerce brands from all over the world.


Orders Managed


Brands we have experience with




International Partners


What clients say about us.

Some reviews from our clients.

Oded Raphaeli
Oded RaphaeliLumen - VP Finance & Global Supply Chain
Read More
I have been working with Martina since January 2020. Martina is hands down the most professional and committed service provider in all of my company's supply chain. Martina is a resourceful individual who can resolve any challenge in her, or her client's way, all along with personal charm and touch. It has been an absolute pleasure working with Martina so far.
Jennifer Margolin
Jennifer MargolinBelevivi - Founder
Read More
Martina has been a pleasure to work with and has demonstrated a deep knowledge of logistics. One of Martina’s key strengths is her ability to analyze complex logistics challenges and develop tailored solutions that work for our business. She has shown a keen eye for identifying bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and offering solutions to address these issues. Her extensive expertise in e-commerce, shipping & logistics has saved us valuable time and money for our business.
Marco Tsze
Marco TszePrenetics - Operations Analyst
Read More
I have had the pleasure of working with Marina on several projects, and I must say that their expertise in logistics solutions and execution has been invaluable to our team. Their ability to analyse complex import issues and develop creative solutions has saved us time and money. Their proficiency and commitment to their work have had a transformative impact on our company, and I am certain that they will bring the same high level of quality to any organisation.

Frequently asked questions

Our Full Management Solutions service is designed to assist eCommerce brands in the process of finding, negotiating with, and implementing third-party logistics (3PL) providers in Hong Kong. We handle everything from initial search to warehouse audits, ensuring a seamless transition from your current 3PL. 

We have an extensive network and industry expertise to identify suitable 3PL providers tailored to your specific requirements, not only in Hong Kong but worldwide. We have a close relationship with most of them and dealt with many different industries in the past, including apparel, electronics, supplements and more. Every business is different but every business issues are pretty similar. Thanks to our experience, we can factor in the potential issues, your current issues, requirements and find the best partner for your brand. 

We leverage our industry insights and negotiation skills to secure favorable rates with potential 3PL partners. Our goal is to ensure you get the best value for your investment, optimising cost efficiency without compromising on service quality.

We guide you through the entire implementation process, from contract signing to system integration. Our team works closely with both you and the 3PL provider to ensure a smooth transition, minimising disruptions to your eCommerce operations.

We work with a diverse range of eCommerce brands, from startups to established enterprises. Our customisable solutions are designed to cater to the unique needs and scales of various businesses in the rapidly evolving eCommerce landscape.

The timeline varies based on the complexity of your requirements and the specific 3PL provider. On average, the process can take a few weeks to a few months. 

Our service is comprehensive, covering every aspect of the 3PL selection and implementation process. On the other hand, the pure consulting aims to provide guidelines to eCommerce brands that want to implement the solution themselves. 

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